Lauren Hill’s Milk Bar

Lauren Hill’s Milk Bar

Lauren Hill's Milk Bar

Vincent Inch is sitting on the couch having a cup of coffee. The amazing XLGirls hottie Lauren Hill is sitting nearby at a counter. Lauren has something on her mind. But what is it?

Coming over to Vincent, Lauren asks, “Did you like the coffee?”
“Yes, of course, but I like it better with milk,” Vincent replies.
“And why didn’t you add milk?”
“Because I couldn’t find any.”
“How come you didn’t find any?
“There is so much here,” Lauren answers with a smile
“I don’t see any,” Vincent says.
“Here,” Lauren repeats. Meaning the milk stored in her massive milk-filled tits!

Vincent holds his cup under Lauren’s left nipple like it’s a dispenser and watches as Lauren pinches it to squirt her creamy breast-milk into his coffee.

Vincent foregoes the coffee and sucks her milk straight from the tap. She squirts more directly in his face. He’s overjoyed with her generosity.

Lauren and Vincent strip down, eager for more fun and games. She squeezes her enormous boobs again to squirt more milk directly on his cock and sucks it between her tits, an unforgettable sight.

Lying on her back, Lauren plays with her tits while Vincent licks her pussy. She sits on his dick and bounces as she bounces her tits on his face. He’s in hooter heaven and has to fuck her or risk going crazy.

Putting Lauren on her hands and knees, Vincent fills her with cock from behind and then on top until he dispenses his man-milk on her wildly swinging breasts. Her mouth is open and her tongue is sticking out. What a beautiful sight.

A trip to the milky way with Lauren Hill. Priceless!

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