Karlee Adams – Code Name 42DDD

Code Name 42DDD

Code Name 42DDD

Flashback to Karlee Adams. Those big big 42DDD tits can cut off your oxygen if your face is stuck between them. Karlee came to XL Girls from Nebraska, where she worked as an events coordinator. Karlee felt that being in XL Girls was a great opportunity. Karlee knew a man who used to recommend girls to The SCORE Group, and he advised her to try clothes-less modeling.

Karlee has the biggest tits of all of her friends and anyone else she meets back home. “During the day I dress professionally but sexy. Skirts and heels. If I go out at night, jeans, low-cut tops and high heels.

“I like to look at guys’ asses. If I see one that attracts me, I think about grabbing it.” No guy would mind Karlee doing that to him as long as it wasn’t all she wanted.

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Samantha Sanders – Flashback April 2005

Flashback April 2005

Flashback April 2005

We flashback to April 2005, when Samantha Sanders of England was visiting The SCORE Group for the first time. Back then, foreign models had no problems visiting America, but then new regulations were passed, which is why European girls like Anna Beck and Sara now have to be filmed overseas.

TSG editor Dave chats with Samantha in this rare video from the archives. Samantha talks about how she has a hard time getting through airport security with her big, fat, juicy baps, her airplane bathroom phobia, her work with prisoners as a lawyer and more.

A recent survey by a British company concluded that the biggest-breasted women in the United Kingdom live in the county of Yorkshire. That sounds correct because that’s where Samantha comes from.

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Samantha Sanders – The Return

The Return

The Return

What’s the word in England? Saucy? Naughty? Cheeky? Samantha Sanders is all that. And she’s back after a long absence from our cameras. It’s a very unexpected return. Samantha is still built like a brickhouse and her tits are still massive and solidly packed. Back home in Britain, Samantha is a lawyer and a competitive horse rider. She was happy to show us her briefs once again.

It was time to play catch-up with Samantha after this encore. In a separate video, we flashback to Samantha in America being interviewed by Dave during her first visit to The SCORE Group.

How’s everything been since you filmed in Miami?
Samantha: It’s been good, but I’m single now so I’m enjoying myself.

What have you been up to back home?
Samantha: Working, show-jumping, going out partying. I’ve been a bit naughty.

Do you still work as a solicitor or was it a barrister?
Samantha: Yes, a lawyer.

Is this return to modeling full-time for you?
Samantha: No, I’m still a lawyer and just model part-time, but I hope to shoot for The SCORE Group again soon if the fans want me back again.

Are you the bustiest lawyer in all of the UK?
Samantha: Probably!

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Amiee Roberts – Kitchen Spread

Kitchen Spread

Kitchen Spread

Amiee Roberts makes a fine “Kitchen Spread,” even if things get very wet. She’s new at modeling but took to it very quickly and confidently.

How did you find out about XL Girls?

Amiee: My ex-boyfriend is a fan, and he told me about you.

What motivated you to model?

Amiee: I’m just taking a chance in life and trying new things.

What do you like most about modeling?

Amiee: Getting made-up! It’s sexy and fun. I like the care that’s taken.

Do you think about modeling full-time or part-time?

Amiee: Right now, it’s mostly part-time. Things might change.

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Peyton Thomas – Huge Hooter Hook-up

Huge Hooter Hook-up

Huge Hooter Hook-up

Peyton Thomas has bought some sweaters, but she may have underestimated their fit. She’s a very special girl with an extra-special chest. Peyton wants to try them on in case she has to return some. Ever the gentleman, Carlos offers to help Peyton try to squeeze her massive mams into them. The fun is in the trying.

The first two don’t make the grade. The front-buttoning cardigans would pop open, but they can’t button them anyway. The third is a pink pullover. It’ll be a tight fit, but it gets over her mounds and looks great.

Helping Peyton out with this happy task results in wood. Peyton rode his rod before in “Shower Fuck” and is ready for an encore. The shower was slippery but fun. This time, they do the screw on a comfy couch. Peyton is enthusiastic, vocal and eager to taste and ride his pole, round two. She’s a girl who takes things into her own hands, and after they hump, she jacks his jizz all over her 40N-cup love melons.

With a girl like this, even the simple act of trying on tight sweaters inspires an extreme case of the hornies!

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